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Introducing Executive Families to Experienced Professional Chefs, Nationwide


Dozens of families contact Four Star Private Chefs each year for help in achieving healthier eating habits and less hectic lifestyles. Professional chefs look to us for career advice as they seek less stressful alternatives in which to practice their craft and passion. 

As former Private Chefs ourselves with more than 30 years of combined culinary and human resource experience, Four Star Private Chefs is uniquely qualified to evaluate and recommend chef candidates for a wide range of Private Chef positions, both full- and part-time. 

We would be delighted to hand-select a Private Chef ideally suited to your lifestyle, whether at home, on vacation or for your private aircraft.


Why hire a private chef?


Many of our families come to Four Star Private Chefs because they:

✓ Want fresh, nutritious snacks in the refrigerator when the kids come home from school and sports.


✓ Need help preparing light and healthy meals and reaching dietary goals.


✓ Want the special intimacy of entertaining friends and business clients at home.

✓ Are dissatisfied and uncomfortable in loud restaurants with unpredictable service and overpriced           wine lists.

✓ Want an enhanced private jet dining experience.

✓ Are accomplished cooks themselves, but don't have the time to plan the menu, shop and prepare a       great meal every night.




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