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Four Star Private Chefs is simply the best service you can use to find a private chef. Our practical experience as private chefs ourselves gives us a unique perspective with which to advise you in creating realistic and attractive positions.

What's more, our guarantee is the longest in the domestic placement industry, providing unmatched assurance of continuous coverage and chef support.

Our Four Star Private Chef candidates are dedicated professionals with agreeable personalities, strong work ethics and superior culinary talent. Many of them have also received advanced training in some of San Francisco's finest restaurants.

In addition, each of our candidates has successfully completed an important screening process, including a formal background check. In an informal chef-to-chef format, we ask candidates to describe the position that they wish for and could commit to for at least a year's time, not the one they would do simply to get into the field. We are often able to answer candid questions and concerns that may not otherwise be addressed. We interview an average of eight new candidates each week.
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