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The Referral & Hiring Process

The Cooking Tryout: We highly recommend that you schedule a cooking tryout with each chef candidate. Cooking styles and presentation are very individual, as are food preferences, and a "live" experience will give you both a better understanding of the position. The tryout should reflect a typical day's menu for your household; additional tryouts with more elaborate entertaining menus may also be useful. Please look over the menus provided in the candidate package for some ideas.

Employment Offer: For many families, the personal interaction during the cooking interview is so positive on both sides that an offer is made the next day. We are happy to discuss and review the employment offer before it is made directly to the chef. We can offer advice about salary and benefits, vacation policy and dress code. We have sample confidentiality agreements and other employment materials that you may tailor to your specific position and concerns. 

Ongoing Support: Four Star Private Chefs is committed to offering ongoing support of our clients and our placed chefs, from personnel matters to sourcing ingredients. We hold quarterly Master Classes for the continuing education for our chefs, and our newsletter provides a connection to the professional culinary world. 

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